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Jan 20, 2009

Unusual Mini Miniature Antique RING Padlock Lock ca1820 (Bullring?)

Here is another example of what a previous eBay poster called a bullring lock:

Unusual style antique iron ring padlock. I have no idea what it was used for. The lock appears very early and is extremely well made. The lock and key appear to be handmade by a craftsman. I would guess they are circa 1820 or earlier.

I will be happy to answer questions and email pictures upon request. Please include your email address when requesting photos. Ebay blocks the sendors address when you use there ask a seller a question.

SIZE: The lock measures 1 3/4 inches across, and 1 3/8 inch tall. It is a hair over 3/16 inch thick. A very small and unusual lock.

CONDITION: The lock is in excellent condition maybe even like new? The iron is very darkly colored, and there are very light spots of surface rust here and there. It looks like it was polished originally. The key is original and even has a church cross shaped bit that matches the locks keyhole. The lock and key are very nice survivors of a bygone time.

MATERIAL: The entire padlock is made of iron.


TYPE: ?? UNKNOWN. - eBay

This lock had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $175 (Plus $3 Shipping). It also had five offers for less than that price but failed to sell. Oddly enough, the other listing for a similar lock also failed to get its asking price of $130 and that lock was made of brass.


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