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Jan 12, 2009


Here is another good example of the rare Clarke Combination lock:

This is a very rare clarke combination lock everything works perfectly and if you choose to unlock "don't know the code" the back can be removed to unlock it.

here is a link with a loittle more info on this great lock

sold as is and shipping will be 10.00 insurance included international will be higher!!!!

I got a message from brunolocks he said he would help anyone that wins this lock on how to get the code and open it.

Q: I have collected padlocks for over 30 years . And have learned alot about them in that time . I have had good luck in figuring the combos out on the CLARK locks . I have all of these locks . Who ever wins your lock will be able to have the lock opened . Take care . Richard . - eBay

This lock had a starting bid of $450 and a 'Buy-it-now' price of $650 (Plus $10 shipping) but failed to attract any takers. However, the lock was quickly relisted with a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $400 and was quickly snapped up within 5 views. (Re-listing here).

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