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Oct 7, 2023

For Sale - HIATT Cap Wrist Lock Cuff - For Chain Gang

I am selling this awsome Hiatt Cap Wrist Lock.
Listing here: eBay Link 

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For Sale - Fichet Bauche Bank Vault/Safe Time Lock Timer

I have put up one of my bank vault timers. Here are the posting details (eBay Link):
Up for auction is an original Fichet Bauche Bank Safe Time Lock Timer. Did you know that Fichet made Bank vault timers? I didn't, until I ran across this one. The clockwork works just fine. I have it sitting on my desk, enjoying the rhythmic tick-tock! The are other bank vault timers on eBay, but this is the only Fichet one. It appears to be much more modern as you can see with the use of plastic to enclose the clockworks. This is an awesome piece to put on your desk. It's an attention getter, especially when running. I only have one. Key to wind it NOT INCLUDED. As in the photos. Get this. You'll be happy you did. Ships via USPS Priority Mail with tracking. *** CONTACT ME WELL IN ADVANCE IF YOU WANT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING SO THAT I CAN GET A QUOTE *** - eBay Link
This padlock had a high bid of $ (Plus $ Shipping). -----

Oct 3, 2023

I'm Selling Padlocks, Handcuffs, Leg Irons and All Kinds of Cool Stuff!!

Over the years I have gotten many queries about how to buy some of what I have highlighted on this blog.

Well I have great news! I'm starting to sell parts of my collection.

I have way too many items. I have really enjoyed what I have but it's time to let others have the opportunity to own great pieces for their collection.

I will be listing inexpensive as well as truly rare pieces.

Here is my eBay account - LINK 

 Take a look! 

 Let me know if you are looking for anything special or if you are looking for multiple items. We can work together and build a package you can purchase. 


Apr 13, 2022


I have to admit, Safe Keys like these are supr-interesting. It's also interesting how ver rare they are given that there never were that many to being with. I have a Solomon Andrew Bank vault key. I keep going back and forth about whether to sell it, knowing that I was lucky to get one in the first place and that I'd never get another one if I do let this one go. The key below is a 'Day & Newell's' Parautoptic Lock Key. The book referenced in the lsisting says that there are less than 25 examples of these locks know........
Description: As rare as it gets for large safe keys. Mid-1800's parautoptic key with adjustable bits so the owner could set his own bit combination without the assistance of a locksmith, thus increasing security. These keys RARELY come up for auction, and some have sold for around $4,000. Bits are tight when set. These keys can still be used with the antique safes. Historical reference: "American Genius," by David and John Erroll, Copyright 2006 (Rb Note: See page 53). This is a very large key, 164g at 5.25." Sold as is and as seen. Could be cleaned and polished to original condition if desire. Some wear marks and tarnishes from use. Please study large picture to examine exact condition and to verify parts before bidding. Buyer assumes all risk if used for an actual safe or if the key is dissembled as this is sold as a collectible. Due to value and risk of multiple shipping, this is a no return item. - eBay (April, 2022)
This padlock had a Buy-it-Now price of $2,299 (Plus FREE Shipping) and was still available at the time of publishing of this post. -----

Apr 11, 2022

Combination Letter Padlock

Very cool, Very large and clearly rare. When unlocked the long bar gets passed through a couple rings on whatever is getting locked. Maybe on a truck or perhaps securing a door closed. The rings needed to be close enough so that they fit within the right side of this lock.
Outstanding latch and combination lock made of iron and brass. Origin Italy. 19th century period. Number of wheels 7 with 22 letters for each roller. In excellent condition. Length 53 cm, weight 5 kg Available for further information Thank you Eccezionale e catenaccio a combinazione in ferro e ottone. Origine Italia. Epoca XIX secolo. Numero ruote 7con 22 lettere per ogni rullo. Ottimo stato.Lunghezza 53 cm, peso 5 kg A disposizione per ulteriori informazioni Grazie - eBay (April 2022)
This padlock had requested price of $1,700 (Plus $88 Shipping) but the seller took an undisclosed offer. -----

Mar 23, 2022

North Pole Slaymaker Story Padlock

Here is a pretty cool Story Padlock.
Extremely rare Slaymaker igloo story book padlock Hard find No key - eBay (March 2022)
Too bad that there was no key to go with it. Probably not that hard to figure that out, if you have some old barrel keys laying about. This padlock had a high bid of $122.50 (Plus $10 Shipping). -----

Mar 16, 2022

Antique French Leg Irons from Devils Island, French Guiana 1852-1953

Very nice set of antique Leg Irons. Looking at it after the fact, I'm wondering why I didn't try to get these:/
These leg irons were used to transport French prisoners to the island. The leg irons are locked with a screw and the key is a simple cylinder with a notch that engages the nub on the recessed screw head. These leg irons were probably made by the French company, Revolier in large quantities. 3 variations are known in this size and they are simply the style of chains used as the cuff bodies are all exactly the same. There are larger or more robust versions of these chains as well. The large center ring was used to slide a chain through which made any movement even more restricted. The restraint pictured above, has had no work done to it. It is mechanically perfect and both screws are able to thread into the lock body with the key provided. No pings, dings, dents, or repairs noted. A very nice addition to anyone's collection. - eBay (27 Feb 2022)
This set of Leg Irons had a high bid of $250 (Plus $5 Shipping). -----