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Sep 30, 2008

United States Mail Lock 1891

I have only seen one mail padlock of this type ever posted on eBay. As you can see, this is a very nice one, at least it cleaned up well.

really nice old postal padlock that works great & has a nice working key... the markings that are on the lock are pretty darn sharp... this was a high security padlock in its day & still is. - eBay
It seems that many lock collectors look down on cleaning locks in the same way that you don't clean collectable coins as it reduces the value of them. I am not sure how the value might be effected when it comes to locks, as a piece cleaned like this one is surely much more interesting to look at if you decide to show it off.  I clean most of the locks I have, after al, brass was made to be polished!

This lock sold for $104.47 (Plus $9.50 in shipping)

Sep 27, 2008

Rare "Vintage handcuffs Walden Tool Co with key"

This is a very cool looking pair of handcuffs. I was thinking of bidding on it, until the bidding got into the hundreds:

For auction are vintage hand cuffs marked Walden Tool Co. Boston Mass. I know nothing about handcuffs, but I would consider them to be in good working condition - with key. They measure approx. 9" long. - eBay

With that short description and one photo, these handcuffs finally went for $1,306.87 (Plus $4.50 in shipping) So someone thinks these are very rare. I have never seen this type up for bid before so they are probably right, or have lots of money.


Sep 26, 2008


This is the most detailed / cool antique French key that I have ever seen. That might explain why the asking price is $1,250.

These auction online is for an antique french key from 18th century. The key has a spade shank (rare) and an unusual cut double bit. The collar is ornate. Measure 4,2" long. Weight : 200 grs - eBay
Unfortunately, this key is outside my price range.

Update: This key sold with a 'best bid' of $875 (Plus $9.05 shipping).


Sep 25, 2008

Small Brass Corbin Cabinet Lock Co, Padlock

I like the finish work on the face of this lock. It must really shine up nice.

This s a Small Brass Corbin Cabinet Lock Co, Paddlelock. I just pick this out of House and haven't even cleaned it up. It measures about 1 7/8" from top to bottom and appears to be in good shape. - eBay
I have seen this type lock once before. Both times I was distracted and missed bidding on them, so the search goes on.

Handcuffs 1800s A.RANKIN PHIL

Here is a nice pair of old handcuffs up for sale on eBay:

This is a cool old pair of Handcuffs,They are in Remarkably good condition everything works Just Fine they are complete with there Original Key,When these Bracelets are Locked on there isnt Much wiggle Room thats for sure,These are from the days of Territorial Prisons,They Both Have a Makers Mark on them which reads,A RANKIN PHILA Patent DEC 10 18?? i cant make out the last 2 Numerals without cleaning up the Metal i will leave that up to the new owner to do if they wish - eBay

At the time of posting the high bid was $158.50 with five days until the auction ends. I am pretty sure I have seen a similar pair up for auction before, but not more than two other pairs in over three years. With that said, I don't have a set for my collection either and probably won't anytime soon.

Update: This pair of handcuffs sold for $1,112 (Plus $5.50 in shipping).


Sep 24, 2008

Brass US Customs Lock with Counter

This seems to be a very rare lock with enclosed counter used by US Customs at some time long ago:

This a great looking old brass lock marked “U.S. CUSTOMS”. Serial number 22361 is stamped on the face of the lock, and “S/2” is stamped on the closing portion above. The amazing feature of this lock is that is has a little door on the side that opens to reveal a counter that tells you how many times the lock was opened by the way of 4 tumblers (like in a combination lock) behind a glass partition. Currently it reads “J 0 3 6“. Unfortunately, I do not have the key. Back of the lock is marked “PAT./NOV.19, 1889/MAY 19, 1891/MADE BY/ SMITH & EGGE/MF’G Co./BRIDGEPORT/CONN.” Another great looking unique item. - As posted on eBay

This item sold for $385 dollars. The other well known counter lock, the US Registered Mail lock seems to be occasionally available on eBay for about $100 when the lock includes a working key. While I mention that the lock is very rare, that is as far as publicly available locks. The lock has a high serial number, so theoretically there can be thousands of these in a box somewhere or they might even still be in use. (Not likely given the age and the availability of cutable sutoms seals.)


USPO Street Letter Box Lock

Here is a nicely tarnished/weathered US Post Office Street Letter Box Lock:

Compared to other mail locks these are pretty common on eBay. Less so with keys but those are not so rare either. Keys normally fit the locks with the same number stamped on them. Locks with little wear oddly enough seem to be cheaper than those with wear as above.

Sep 20, 2008


This is a very cool and apparently rare combination lock.

Very unusual Brass Clarke Combination Padlock with hinged lid and a sliding door on back side. Door is marked Baltimore Md. Clarke Combination Lock Co. pat'd Feb 4, 1873 June 15, 1875 and reissued Feb. 29, 1876. Nice tight lock, I do not have the combination but the lock remains unlocked, the size is 4" x 2-5/16" x 11/16" not measuring the lid. Very unusual lock dated just after the civil war. - Found on eBay

The starting bid is $499.99 and you can buy it immediately for $750. that sounds a bit high to me, but then again, these don't come up for bid everyday.

Update: This lock sold for $499.99 (Plus $5.30 in shipping).


Sep 18, 2008

Edward No-Key Combination Lock


This is a very cool combination lock.

It consists of a eight buttons which can be pushed up or down. By pushing the correct buttons each in the right direction will open the lock.

Sep 16, 2008

Reg'd US Mail Lock

Here are some photos of an antique Registered US Mail Lock.

The special feature of these locks is that they have a built in counter that records every time the lock is opened.

I have a couple of these locks and it seems that the keys are the same for all the locks, althought it could be that I have a master key. I have another key that only opens one of the locks, so anything is possible.

eBay Listing:"Handcuffs-Art Deco/Machine Age Style Restraints-Dungeon"

Here is a nice set of custom handcuffs recently listed on eBay:

I designed and constructed this set of handcuffs. The main body of each cuff is made of two pieces of 1 1/4" x 1/4" flat steel for a total thickness of 1/2". The inside of the cuff measures 2 1/8" across and the distance from the bar to inside top of the curve can be adjusted to 3 1/8", 2 5/8" or 2 1/8". The distance between the cuffs with the chain fully extended is 8". The weight is nearly 4 pounds with padlocks (pictured and included). The finish is brushed steel with a coat of wax added to help prevent oxidation. - eBay

They went for $142.50. Not bad.