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Jan 25, 2009

Antique Smith & Wesson Handcuffs M 94 V3

Neat high-security handcuffs with a special circular key made by Smith & Wesson.

Smith and Wesson Model 94 Version 3 Handcuffs - Smith and Wesson are the standard handcuffs by which all others are measured. In use by more police departments in America than any other brand. These handcuffs are a very sought after example of the round lock model 94 handcuffs. This is an example of the final evolution of this model with finely smoothed pivots. Rare and valuable, introduced in the 1970's these unusual handcuffs were an early attempt for a high security locking system. The non standard lock is very difficult to pick and will not open with a standard handcuff key.

The number 4270 is stamped into one of the bows. Other than that, as you can see in the photos, the handcuffs are in wonderful condition. These were very popular with federal officers who felt they needed something special and different from what local law enforcement was using. These work well, they both single and double lock. One original key is provided.

This set is exactly the same setup that jails and prisons use for transporting dangerous prisoners decades ago. So whether you need a set of solid restraints for your line of duty activities or are interested in an addition to your restraint collection, these are quite the item. - eBay

This set of handcuffs sold for $104 (Plus $9 Shipping).

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