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Feb 27, 2010


This is a very interesting idea made a little safer by limiting the ability for the cuff to close to the point of choking around the neck. Still, it looks like the metal swing arm could be a little more thick and the edges could be rounded a bit. Maybe the final version takes these issues into account.

Still, there is the need to observe anyone wearing such an item to ensure against accidental death.

Now here is something you have never ever seen before! The writer overheard someone in the gym talking about milling machines and after a brief conversation the new design was conceived!

This highly experienced team of engineers have developed this brilliant new item for us. You are looking at the prototype of a steel neck collar (a patent is pending). For a long time we have felt that law enforcement agencies need a modern neck collar to ensure complete control of their prisoners.

This collar is heavy! Just on its own it weighs nearly 2 kilos, yes 2 kilos, thats 4 pounds, 5.4 oz! We have spent a lot of time developing this product and we decided to drop a double locking option for a special stop which restricts how far the restraint can be closed. At the tightest setting the circumference is 21 inches (54 cms) so unless your prisoner is one of those people who have to be removed from his/her room with a special crane, it will fit!

We have not actually taken delivery of the new batch yet so please bare with us if we take a bit of time to deliver, however we do not anticipate an enormous delay, if any at all, indeed this sentence might be edited out before the end of the sale. Also, please bare in mind that the pictures are of the prototype which was not plated. The official item will be zinc plated to a very high standard, you will not be disappointed!

If you are a collector you will realise that this item is unique. - eBay

This item sold on eBay for 140.99 British Pounds / $214.64 (Plus 21 Pounds shipping).

Feb 21, 2010

Rare Yale Padlock

It is always nice to see a rare padlock. For me the definition is anything that goes for over a $1,000. (or at least is valued over $1,000)


On Feb-04-10 at 06:55:03 PST, seller added the following information:

- eBay (10 Feb 2010)

This padlock had a high bid of $2,355 (Plus $4.90 Shipping).

Feb 20, 2010


Here is a nice set of Rankin handcuffs.

This is a pair of original old handcuffs. Has "A. Rankin" on them and a patent number. From end to end they measure 10". I don't know what else to say about these. They are from my late husband collection. - eBay (13 Feb 2010)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $716.67 (Plus $5.15 Shipping).

Feb 19, 2010

"American Indian War Period Leg Shackles"

OK,I think the only facts in this posting that I am sure about is that these are leg irons and that they are old. The rest seems to be imaginiation. (Lets say that the seller is more guessing than lying...)

old ORIGINAL shackles in super nice condition..... they are HEAVY & SOLID & are genuinely old & made prior to at least 1880... more probably made in the 1860's..... could have been made for use in the CIVIL WAR.......... - eBay (2 Feb 2010)

This set of leg irons had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $335 (Plus $15 Shipping).

Feb 18, 2010


Here is a nice set of counterfeit handcuffs. Note the slight differences from the real Pinkerton handcuffs seen here:

nice set of 1870's TOWER IMMATION handcuffs complete with a nice working key...... the maker of the IMMATATION TOWER was put out of business shortly after making them as they were charged with INFRINGMENT rights from the real TOWER handcuff maker...... therefore, the IMMATATION TOWER DETECTIVE is actually RARER then the TOWER DETECTIVE ......... some of the difference's in THIS cuff are the STRAIGHT cuts accross the BOW, the PROTRUDING rivet pins in the hinges, & a NOTCH where the bow goes into the body of the cuff......... - eBay (9 Feb 2010)

These handcuffs had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $285 (Plus $8.50 Shipping).

Feb 17, 2010


These are cool because they can be used as regular handcuffs or as a single cuff:

rare PRATT COMBO NIPPER & HANDCUFF complete with a non original working key that unlocks it... sometimes, it takes a little fiddling to get the key to catch as it is just somethig i made........... - eBay (3 Feb 2010)

This restraint had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $775 (Plus $10 Shipping).

Feb 16, 2010

McKenzie Mitts - Rare Antique Handcuffs

Here is a rare auction for a set of McKenzie Mitts.

Excellent condition, dark blue/black finish, all locks work. No belly chain. Key is an older replacement.

History: This particular pair of McKenzie Mitts originally came from Holyoke, CO. The Sheriff decided to throw them away one day. The Deputy Sheriff went out to the dump the following day and dug them up to put in his collection. They remained in his family for more than 80 years.

Mckenzie Mitts were designed by Jacob Oliver McKenzie. These handcuffs were patented March 10, 1925. In the book "Modern Handcuff Secrets for Magicians" author Dick Norman describes them as follows: "...the mitts were designed to completely enclose the prisoner's hands, which were, in turn, fastened to a belly chain to prevent these unusual cuffs from being used as a weapon. The theory behind this particular pattern was that in the event the guard fell asleep while transporting a prisoner on a long train journey, the prisoner could neither make use of the keys or be able to handle a gun. However, production of this item was stopped after only several dozen pairs were manufactured. The reason...was that these cuffs proved to be too good, making the wearer completely helpless to a point where personal needs could not be taken care of, and accompanying guards highly objected and refused to cooperate to this degree. Since railroads have strict rules about unshackling prisoners during transit, the cuff was used no further, and became the only locking device to be discontinued because it was too good." - eBay (12 Feb 2010)

This set of McKenzie Mitts had a high bid of $5,277 (Plus $35 Shipping). This is the same set that did not sell here.

Feb 15, 2010

French Presto Lyon handcuffs

A very nice and interesting set of handcuffs.

Presto Lyon

Up for auction is a very rare and beautiful set of the French Lyon Presto handcuffs. They were patented in February 22, 1922 in Lyon by M. Oscar Mussilier, patent # 547.991. They are made of aluminium alloy. The stampings read “Lyon", "Presto", "Brevete" and " Déposé " on the moving and stationary bows.

The shape is really unusual and no other handcuffs look like these. They also have a very special and unusal feature. When the handcuff is closed and opened by the key the movable bow spring open when putting some light pressure to them. The springs on the few handcuffs around in collections are always so fainted that this function has stopped working. Not many collectors are even aware of this original feature. This set is professionally “upgraded” with new springs in the hinge and work perfectly. On the bottom of the hinges is a release button that allows the handcuffs to be stored in a case in unlocked position without closing. To close them, just open the bow to the widest position and the bow is released and ready for closing. Both locks also work perfectly with very smooth action.

Click on the link to see how these handcuffs work;

Don’t miss the opportunity to add these beauties to your handcuff collection. They don’t come around very often. –Especially not in perfectly working condition with tense to the bows.

The shipping cost is $25 worldwide, insurance included.

Happy bidding!

- eBay (8 Feb 2010)

This set of handcuffs had an opening bid of $450 and a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $750 (Plus $25 Shipping) but for some reason had no bidders.

Feb 6, 2010

Vintage Adams 1862 handcuffs

Here is a recent example of a rare set of Adams Handcuffs. Note that at least one side appears to not be functional:

For sale: A vintage pair of Adams handcuffs that are in very good condition. They have been in my mothers junk drawer for as long as I can remember and she got them from her grandfather. First, the only thing that tells me that they are Adams, are photos I have seen on the web, because the only thing on them is PAT. JUNE 17 1862.

There is a word before PAT, that I assume is Adams but I can't read it. We never had the key so I got one on ebay, and one side opened right up while the other side remains stuck. I can feel the nub of the key lift the lock, but the arm will not swing away with just me pulling. The metal has a brown patina on it, the swivels both move freely and there are a few light marks and digs, but is in overall great shape.I am also selling a vintage pair of Peerless-Smith&Wesson cuffs, so check them out. I have been told I need to add that the arms have 8 notches, thanks for the help. - eBay (17 Jan 2010)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $228.50 (Plus $6.20 Shipping).

Feb 5, 2010

Brass Edwards No-Key Combination Padlock

Here is another nice example of a No-Key padlock.

Antique brass Edwards No-Key working combination lock/padlock. Press correct buttons and lock pops open. Combination will be provided to winning bidder. Front is marked, “No-Key, Trade Mark”. Hasp is marked, “The Edwards Mfg. Co. Cinn. O. Pat 9-17-07 4-27-09”. Lock measures 2 5/8” high by 1 7/8” in diameter by ½” thick (not including buttons).

Lock has patina and marks consistent with use and age. Please see photos for condition. - eBay (26 Jan 2010)

This padlock had a high bid of $150 (Plus $4.95 Shipping). I was the high bidder.

Feb 4, 2010

Police Nippers W. Shear 1884

Here is a nice set of nippers. This is the first time that I have seem a set of this type. the price reflects it's rarity.

You are bidding on Vintage W. H. Shear Police Nippers, from Morrison, IL, Patent August 19, 1884. They are in very good condition and are still operable. I have presented 4 pictures showing nippers closed completely, medium opened locked position and full open locked position. I also have two sets of vintage handcuffs on ebay to auction if you are interested. I accept Paypal payment only and I do not ship outside the USA. I really don't know anything else about this item, I learned all I know from researching the internet. Thank you for looking and good luck with your bidding. Have a nice day. - eBay (26 Jan 2010)

This set of nippers had a high bid of $1,850 (Plus $12 Shipping).

Feb 3, 2010

1915 Panama California Exposition Padlock

A very nice padlock.

A very expensive padlock!

Wonderful Vintage Padlock from the Panama California Exposition in 1915. This is a rare, all brass padlock. On one side it reads: "Panama California Exposition 1915 Division of Works". On the other side in an elaborate shield surrounded by scrolls and a shell there is a ship going through a lock on the Panama Canal. Various sections of the scrolls commemorate "The Completion of the Panama Canal, 1915 " and "Panama California Exposition, San Diego". I believe that this lock was made and used only at the exposition for the buildings and gates. This is a very hard to find lock and is in excellent condition with the original key. A Great Find!! Lock Size: 2 " x 3." - eBay (26 January 2010)

This padlock had a high bid of $2,225 (Plus $10 Shipping).

Feb 2, 2010

Horst Stein Handcuffs

Thankfully, this type of handcuff is not on my search list because I can't see paying this much for this handcuff. At least with a Bean Giant, that is a piece of art.

Handschellen Horst Stein München/Germany Handcuffs1930-

Marke / Modell: ?
Hersteller: Horst Stein
Land: Deutschland
Gewicht: 705 g

Sehr seltene und ungewöhnliche Handschellen, hergestellt von der Firma Horst Stein aus München. Dieses Model wurde zwischen 1930-1940 produziert.

Sie ist mit "D.R.P.a." auf der einen und "D.R.G.M.a." auf der anderen Seite beschriftet. Ersteres steht für "Deutsches Reichs Patent", letzteres für "Deutsches Reichs Gebrauchsmuster", das "a." bedeutet wahrscheinlich "angefordert. Zusäzlich "vorne" steht noch eine Nummer und zwar "140"

Diese Handschellen haben an beiden Bügeln, einen kantigen Einsatz, der soll das Rausziehen schmaler Hände zu verhindern. - eBay (31 Jan 2010

This handcuff had a high bid of 2,690 Euros / $3,739.10 (Plus 36 Euros Shipping).