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Feb 24, 2011

Antique Star Padlock with Key

Here is a real neat Star padlock. This is the first one I have seen with a large shackle.

This Is a genuine working cast iron antique made in America by Star Lock Works, a company that went out of business in 1927. It has the large star cast around the key hole and the padlock is 4 inches tall overall. The iron case is 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches tall and the iron shackle adds another 2 inches in height. The hoop in the shackle is about 2 7/16" diameter which is about as wide as the case is. The Key is about 2 1/2 " long. This padlock still works with the shackle coming all the way out as well as the lock bottom showing a tight fit. Nice finish with no rust and a rich dark patina. This lock is from an era when people didn't lock their doors at night & padlocks weren't common at all. Here is someones chance to own a very rare, old, functioning padlock . Auction winner will be pleased with this item! If you have any questions, please ask prior to bidding. Also , any information on this lock is appreciated , like year etc... so feel free to send a message . Thanks for looking and Good Luck! Bid to Win !! - eBay (5 Feb 2011)

This padlock had a high bid of $198 (Plus $9 Shipping).

Feb 23, 2011

Junkunc Safe and lock

A very nice little combination padlock. I had never seen this one before.

About an inch and quarter big has 1776 on the back. it moves, but do not know combo.

Questions and answers about this item Q: Hi , Could you tell me what the size of the BODY of the lock is ? What diameter is the body ? Thanks .
A: The lock is about 7/8 not quite an inch by about 1/4

- eBay (26 Jan 2011)

This padlock had a high bid of $311.50 (Plus Free Shipping).

Feb 22, 2011


Here is a set of Palmer Manacles:

VERY RARE SET OF 1876 PALMER'S MANACLES WALTON BROTHER NEW YORK FIRST THE BAD NO KEY AND THATS IT ON THE BAD Patented January 1876, the Palmer family of manacles is among the most interesting and bizarre of all the older shackles produced in this country. You see Houdini photos with type of cuffs on him. Each shackle consists of three stamped metal sections, which are hinged together and which can be closed to form a circle.......This set has a great patina, and is marked Palmer's Pat Jan 1876 Walton Brothers N.Y. They measure 6" long x 3" in diameter & are 1-7/8" high. I don't know what size number they are. The hinged cuffs are made of hand hewn steel & had a triangular ended opener [not keyed]. Overall really nice antique condition, in an item rarely seen for sale...only in pictures of other people's collections....These came from a collector & are guaranteed authentic & original.... THIS WAS TAKEN FROM A HANDCUFF BLOG ON THIS SET OF CUFFS THERE IS NO RESERVE SHIPPING PRICE WILL INCLUDE PRIORITY AND INSURANCE WITH CONFIRMATION i will offer free shipping to anywhere in the world once there is a first bid .

Questions and answers about this item
Q: what will it take to end the item early how much?
A: i am going to honor the auction process so if you want the item please bid thanks robert

Q: What is the condition of the triangular headed screw, and the threads and spring on the spring loaded release pin?
A: the set screw looks to be ok i dont have a key so i have not opened the cuffs they have been sitting in a showcase for 40 years thanks for the question

Q: Hi, The size looks like a #4, this number should be stamped in the center on both ends of the cuff,between Palmer and Walton. could be a#5,but I am pretty sure that it is #4.
A: yes there is a number 4 thanks you for the info

- eBay (19 Feb 2011)

This set of Palmer Manacles had a high bid of $1,375 (Plus free Shipping).

Feb 21, 2011

Dollar Handcuff

This is a great looking pair of dollar handcuffs. It is also a lesson to me to bid early. I got distracted in the last 15 minutes and never had a chance to bid.



ALS BONUS ist der Versand ab 500 euros Auktionswert gratis !



Als bonus I can grant you free delivery upon an auction result of 500 euros

FRAGEN / Questions :

Versand / shipping : 15 euros - eBay (8 Feb 2011)

This set of cuffs had a high bid of 241 Euros/$328.65 (Plus 15 Euros Shipping).

Feb 10, 2011

1904 Eagle Padlock - St Louis World's Fair

These World's Fair padlocks come up accasionally, but I do not recall another being sold with a working key.


For auction is this padlock from the 1904 St. Louis Louisiana Purchase World's Fair. Made by Eagle Lock Company it comes with its original matched key. The lock is in very good used condition with honest wear as you can see in the photos. The springs are strong and the action is perfect, opening and closing. There is no binding and there are no bends, breaks or repairs. It measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Key is 2 1/4" long. - eBay (31 Jan 2011)

This padlock had a high bid of $486.77 (Plus $4.90 Shipping).

Feb 9, 2011

Large French Padlock Collection

Here are some photos a very nice collector from France sent me. They include a number of photos of Fichet padlocks. Also get a nice look at that great miniature padlock. That one is amazing! So is the seal padlock.

Thats to this special collector for the photos of his collection!

How does your collection stand up to this one?