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Jan 15, 2009

PALMER 1876 Shackles / Leg Irons

Here is a leg iron size of the Palmer shackles:


Up for auction is this highly collectable set of PALMER #2 Shackles, Leg-Irons manufactured in 1876. The cuffs are stamped/identified with , PALMER PAT. JAN 18.76 . There is a number two “2” stamped on the cuffs. Palmer made many sizes shackles, the number indicated the size of the cuff. The cuffs were different sizes, so you could not slip from the restraint. This was prior to the invention of the one size fits all.

All Palmer shackles can be used with a connector chain but the smaller ones normally were used as handcuffs and did not use the chain. Each cuff has a male or female end which inter-connect, as does the chain.

This set of Palmer leg irons come complete with one set of keys and a connector chain with two cuffs.

I will be listing other items for auction, I have a pair of Adams handcuffs and a set of Bolder Leg irons.

The Palmer family of manacles is among the most interesting of all the older shackles produced in this country. - eBay

This set of shackles has a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $1,995 (Plus $10 shipping). Also, it was possible to make a 'Best-Offer'. Two bidders did but there was no deal.

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Holstcollection said...

These leg irons ended up in my collection. I gave the seller an offer after the auction ended which he finally agreed to. They didn't went cheap but they are very rare and very nice.