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Jan 3, 2009

W.T&J MERSEREAU Miniature Padlock

This is a great looking miniature padlock with an equally-impressive flat key.

MINIATURE antique brass padlock, all brass with a working key which appears to be the original brass key. The lock body has names stamped in the side "W.T&J MERSEREAU N Y." Measurements are, top of shackle to bottom of body is approx. 1 in., width across at the widest part of body is approx. 3/4 in., and thickness front to back is approx. 3/16 in. The hasp is also brass. The key does not respond to a magnet and appears to be brass. It is approx,. 3/4 in. long and has the appearance of an original key (see photos). The dime is in the photo to give a size reference for the viewer. (we can even include that for the auction winner for future reference).

The keyway slot is retangular and is located on the bottom side of the lock body. By inserting the key and pushing up toward the lock top the hasp pops open. Key and Lock work perfectly. We have not been able to find any other lettering on either the lock or key, other than that above, which could identify the manufacturer. - eBay

This tiny lock sold for $179.05 (Plus $4.95 Shipping).

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