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Jan 2, 2009

Unusual Brass Combination Padlock Mfd. Aug 27 1890

I have never seen a combination lock like this before. Too bad as it does not match the beauty normally found in many combination locks.

Here is a very unusual Padlock, It's a 6 wheel combination lock manfactured Aug 27th 1890. As you can see the stamping on the on the G in august is upside down. On one side of the lock is stamped " A.W.F." And the other side stamped " G.I.F." The lock is 3" tall and 1 3/4" wide. I have the combination to the lock and it does open. I wonder if this could have possibly been a patent model? - eBay

Someone saw value in this lock as it sold for $406.41 (Plus $11.55 shipping).


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