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May 30, 2010

TWO 1870 post office PO customs AMER SEAL padlocks

These do not come up often. It it totally unusual to see a listing for two in the same auction.

---------------- these padlocks will NOT be relisted ---- if they do not sell ---- i will just put them back in the safe for a few years -------------------

you are bidding on -- TWO -- U.S. GOVERNMENT AMERICAN SEAL padlocks..... one is a very RARE -- TALL -- shackle padlock complete with its ORIGINAL (original keys are very rare !!) key....... the 2ND lock is the NORMAL short shackle lock & has a nice working non original key.......either lock is rare, but the TALL shackle lock is extremley rare....... BOTH locks are well marked & work great...... YES, you put a paper seal over the keyway -- then close down the LID........ - eBay (7 May 2010)

These padlocks had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $2,750 (Plus $25 Shipping) but received no takers. It might have been a different story if they were listed seperately. Then again, maybe the seller is trying to keep the set together. Me, I would be happy to have one of them. The cheaper one;)

May 26, 2010

Rare Berliner Handcuffs

Reading this blog you will see many of the eBay listing using the word 'rare'. However, I don't normally use the word. However in this case, such a collection certainly warrents it.

So behold this set of rare German Berliner handcuffs. This set is one of the newest additions of the already impressive Lars Holst Restraint Collection.

See many more restraints at the Lars Holst Restraint Collection.

May 24, 2010

100,000 Visitors!

This is just a post in recognition of this blog reaching 100,000 visitors.

So, I can confirm, that if you are wondering if there are others who share your interest in collecting locks and other kinds of restraints, there are.

Best regards,

May 20, 2010


I collect coin padlocks. These do not come up for auction very often. That is both good and bad when it comes to collecting something. After all, what would be the point if it was not a challenge.


A terrific antique English, solid sterling silver miniature padlock / bracelet clasp or charm; beautifully made from two Victorian silver threepenny coins and silver fittings, with metal hasp and tiny steel key with steel split ring.

A wonderful antique charm, wearable and very collectable...ideal for any bracelet, chain or collection!

CONDITION: All original and good. Some signs of wear commensurate with age and use, no damage, closure works perfectly, key locks padlock fine.


DATE/MARKS: Coin dated 1887, manufactured around 1900.

DIMENSIONS: 16 mm diameter (1 inch = 25.4 mm). To give an impression of scale, the coin is 19 mm or ¾ of an inch diameter.

WEIGHT: Approx. 5.1 grams in total.
- eBay (18 May 2010)

This padlock had a high bid of $81.99 (Plus $16 Shipping).

May 12, 2010

1860 LINCOLN conspritors J H LILLY handcuffs irons

Here is an authentic set of Lilly Irons.

besides the fact that the LILLY handcuffs are famous for being used on the LINCOLN conspritors they are VERY RARE............ this set of LILLY handcuffs are marked --- J H L --- which i believe stand for the INVENTOR --- JOHN HORACE LILLY ..........several years ago, i did some computer history reseach of solders etc during the civil war & i came up with some info & that is who i believe was JOHN HORACE LILLY who INVENTED the LILLY irons..... he was a sargent in the U S NAVY during the civil war........ the story goes that he even died with a set of his own invention on as he had the dreaded saint vitus illness...... as i spent a few hours looking here & there on several different sites, i don't remember how or where i found what as i am not computer smart..... at the time, my computer went down & i was not able to print anything or was not smart enough to print what i found....... of course -- do your own research.......... you will note that the markings are in the OLD way of doing the letters, therefore i have to believe that they are original & authentic....... this set of LILLIES are in super condition, are complete, & work great as the hinges are not corroded etc etc....... - eBay (11 May 2010)

This set of Lilly Irons had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $7,750 (Plus $20 Shipping) or best offer, but received no takers.

May 6, 2010

1890 antique SPIKED SHACKLE prison handcuffs

This is a very interesting leg shackle and possibly a unique one:

this item comes from the RICHARD (DICK) NORMAN collection & was acquired from MR. NORMAN by my father in law (PRYNCE WHEELER) back in 1964..........MR. NORMAN wrote the book -- MODERN HANDCUFF SECRETS FOR MAGICIANS -- and had one of the largest restraint collections in his time......... this is a very rare CLOG SPIKED SHACKLE made by the UNION HARDWARE COMPANY - circa 1890's -1900...... used in the prison system on inmates who worked in the fields, when transporting prisonershere & there, as well as on troublesome inmates inside the prison........ this rare CLOG SPIKED SHACKLE is approx. 24 INCHES in lenght & comes complete with an old lock & key as well as in an old wooden display case....... there is also an old post card from MR. NORMAN that states in part at the bottom ------ THAT NOBODY BUT NO BODY HAS ONE OF THESE EXCEPT ME you can see in the photos that the shackle is hinged in the back so that the shackle can open etc etc ..... nice condition & works GREAT !!!!! - eBay ()

This restraint collar has a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $2,650 (Plus $35 Shipping).

May 4, 2010


Not real cuffs, but future/retro movie prop cuffs:

Here is an amazing piece of HOLLYWOOD memorabilia!
This is a large set of 2 person slave cuffs used during filming of the Tim Burton movie from 2001


This is absolutely genuine, and screen used, and not a reproduction or copy.
It comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from Studio-Props. We purchased this item directly from 20th Century Fox and have placed a copy of our receipt from Fox on the C.O.A. to prove it.

This set of cuffs is designed to be worn with both hands through a single cuff, so this is really used on two slaves. The connecting chain is metal and is 12" long with a couple of menacing looking metal spikes. The large cuffs are painted plastic or resin. They have ape designs and decorations carved into them. Ultra nice. They show some dust and wear from their days on set. Each cuff measures approx. 8" x 5" x 5" and hinges. - eBay

This set of prop cuffs has a 'buy-it-now' price of $295 (Plus $11.57 Shipping).

May 1, 2010

E.J. BROOKS & Co Patented 1872 SEAL LOCK padlock

Here is one of the earliest patented locks that was made to hold a paper "recording number" seal. These locks were used on high security shipments and government business during the early 1870's. It is in uncleaned condition with all original patina and surface color, showing very light age pitting and wear. No breaks or repairs.

This never came with a key. It works by depressing a springed lever inside the "seal box". There is a factory hole just under the box for an extra padlock if needed. A numbered paper seal was recorded, inserted into the lock and then closed. The only way to open this lock is to punch a hole through the paper seal and depressing the lever, sliding the hasp open. A hole through the paper while in transit or use, would show that the contents were tampered with, either express, gold shipments, bank statements, taxed alcohol, firearms etc....

The lock is well marked on one side "E.J. BROOKS & CO. N.Y., PAT. JAN. 2, 1872." A little wear on the lettering, but all words can be read easily. The other side is marked " T S ? ? & CO. N.Y., PATENTED JAN. 2, 1872". The top of the hallmark is light or worn and I cannot make out the first few letters. The lock is 5 1/2" long (closed) and 3" wide. A very rare and seldem seen lock missing from most collections. - eBay (11 April 2010)

This seal padlock had a high bid of $142.49 (Plus Free Shipping).