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Jan 28, 2009

Marlin Fire Arms Co. 1st. Model handcuffs

Bottleneck handcuffs are great. I have still to find the right set for me. This pair is in great condition:

Up for auction is this exquisite pair of First Model MARLIN handcuffs in impeccable condition. The cuffs have their original bright nickel finish, and would be considered in fine condition, and are accompanied by an original Marlin handcuff key! Each lock case is marked as follows; MARLIN FIRE ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN CT. USA. . This first model is distinguishable by the bulbous lock case.

There are a few very minute areas that have a spot of darkness or discoloration. I have done my best to photograph these areas. Please keep in mind that some of the images were taken with a Super Macro lens, and these pictures appear more dramatic than to the naked eye. The cuffs were very hard to photograph because of the bright nickel is highly reflective.

The cuffs are very clean, and do not have any grim or dirt in the locks, hinges, or ratchet groves.

This is a VERY RARE opportunity for someone to acquire this very desirable pair of Marlin Fire Arms Co. handcuffs in high end collector condition. In 30 years of collecting, this is only the second pair in this condition I have seen! - eBay


Question & Answer
Q: Would you mind telling me what you mean by these being first models by the bulbous lock case, exactly what is that or what do you mean? Both first and second models look similar. Both obviously have the bottle neck looking locks. I know the first models have three chain links instead of the barrel link of the second models and the bottle neck part is a little larger then the second models of 1910 or so. Thanks, Mike Jan-16-09

A: Hello Mike. The lock case is the bottle shape portion. The three rings are not a definitive way to determine the difference between a first and second model. I have had several second model Marlins with the smaller lock case or bottleneck. All first model Marlins did have a larger diameter (bulbous) lock case or bottleneck that the hasp is secured by. Hope this helps, Shawn

This set had a high bid of $577.76 (Plus $10.50 Shipping) but failed to go above the reserve price.



Frank Kenna said...

Are these still for sale?

Anonymous said...

Hi- Is this blog still active? Do you hav other restraints for sale? Thanks Toby007

mac said...

I have a pair I am puting up for sale with my entire Collection of Marlinsat the Crystal River Show ,in Florida on Dec.12.Total of 60 pieces,Rifles,Pistols,Shot guns ,an other items (Marlin Ring) said...

Now at