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Jan 12, 2009

US Treasury 1876 Brass Combination Lock Rare

A very impressive, and somewhat damaged, intricate combination lock.

Here we have what I think is a Rare find a patented 1876 Brass combination lock that belonged to the US Treasury dept. I have had this for quite sometime and have been unable to locate anyone who has or has had one of these I have checked ebay every week for more than a year and have yet to see one there so I would think it is pretty darn scarce. It is Stamped on back of lock US Treasury Lock. It was manufactured by the Clarke Combination Lock Co of Baltimore Maryland. Patent dates of Feb 4 1873,June 15 1875 and then reiisued Feb 29 1876. It appears to have been cut off of something at one time and the piece cut out was welded back on otherwise really nice. - eBay

Despite its condition and I suspect a lack of a combination it still managed to sell for $258.79 (Plus $6.25 Shipping). While it is a rare lock, there have been other listings on eBay. Click on the tag below for more examples.

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