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Jan 8, 2009

Vintage Katz Combination Padlock N M & L co.

A very interesting padlock. This is the first time I have sen one on eBay:

Here is a Katz pad Lock N M & L co.. No combination or key. Ha some dirt and marks on it.

[And added later]

Q: Yes, it is a combination lock for your information. In the Padlock Collector Book by Franklin Arnell it is valued at $240.00 Dec-12-08
A: Thanks

Q: Is this a combo lock? Does that dial turn? Tell me what you can about the mechanism. Dec-08-08
A: I am not sure how it works.Has a patent date of 1907 - eBay

This padlock went for $292.89 (Plus $6.99 Shipping).

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