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Jan 22, 2009

Rare Finnish Handcuffs - Konepaja Voima Patented 1928

Here is a very interesting rare set of handcuffs:

Up for auction is a beautiful set of the rare Finnish Konepaja Voima handcuffs. They were patented in July 27, 1928 by Kosti Albinius Hangelin in Helsinki, patent # 12928. The shape is quite similar to the Harrington & Richardson Super Handcuffs 123 with a U.S. patent from 1934. You can say these handcuffs are the forerunner and the original pattern. The appearance is also somewhat chunkier compared to the H&R. One bow is stamped “Konepaja Voima Helsinki” and the other “Pat No 12928”. They are in excellent dark shape and have never been rusty. Both springs are strong and there is no play in the locks, both sides moves very smoothely. They double lock by turning the key anti-clockwise, just like the H&R. This set doesn’t come with a key but an H&R key works excellent and is very easy to get for a few dollars. - eBay

Funny, I always thought that the Finnish cuffs were a copy of the H&R Handcuffs. Seems I got that backwards.

This set of handcuffs sold for $700 (Plus $22 Shipping - From Sweden).

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