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Jan 29, 2009

No-Key Brass Combination Padlock with Combination and Box

Here is another great example of the No-Key combination lock. This one comes complete with combination and the original box:

This is an old brass no key padlock. It was made by "The Edwards Mfg. Co. Cinn. O. Pat 9-17-07 04-27-09" (marked on the shackle). The body is marked No-Key Trademark. It has 8 buttons that stick out from the front to the back. If you press one of the numbers up and two numbers down at the same time it will open.

It comes with the original combination paper and box.

Measurements are 2 3/4" H by 1 7/8" W - eBay

This lock sold for $277.97 (Plus $5.60 Shipping). Seems that there is a $100+ premium if the lock comes with an original box. There was another similar auction recently (See: No-Key - 'New' in Box). That one also went for $277. Did someone else see that auction and put in the high bid for that lock making it the going price?

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