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Jan 19, 2009

Colt Handcuffs, Brand New!!!

The last time a pair of Colt Handcuffs came up for auction, they went for the amazing sum of $1,425! This time the price was still obscene but less than a quarter what the other pair went for.

New rare pair of Colt Handcuffs pre 1979. UNTOUCHED, NEVER USED!!! These handcuffs come in the original plastic wrap and are still covered in cosmoline paper. They come with the original key, key envelope, intruction sheet, and in the original box. These cuffs are rare, collectible and highly sought after by handcuff collectors as well as COLT collectors IN ANY CONDITION, LET ALONE NEW WITH ALL ORIGINAL PAPER WORK. - eBay

This set of Colt handcuffs sold for $440 (Plus $6.50 Shipping). Assuming that there was no difference between the two, it seems that the timing of the first seller was much better than for the follow-up auction. Still that is a huge sum for a pair of handcuffs!

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Popo1144 said...

If anyone ever sees Colt Handcuffs #010267 for sale, they were STOLEN from a police officer in Georgia. Gwinnett County Police took the report, and they should be listed in GCIC/NCIC (unless removed due to the age of the report).