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Apr 30, 2010

18th Century Iron Slave Manacles Cuffs & Chain

Here is a very interesting and surely rare set of chain restraints.

18th Century Iron Slave Manacles Cuffs & Chain

230cm long chain with a stop attached to one end, there are 6 wrist or leg cuffs which hinge open and lock with a slide on separate piece, these slide on the chain and cannot be opened when on the chain, the cuffs are different diameters, no damage - eBay (22 April 2010)

This set of restraints had a high bid of 272.67 British Pounds / $418.63 (Plus 16 Pounds Shipping).

Apr 29, 2010

1870s Plug 8 Antique Handcuffs

Here is a nice set of plug 8 handcuffs:

This is a super nice set of 1800's Plug 8 Handcuffs. It has the original Key and plug. this set is super collectible and very rare in this condition and this complete. They have the original patina and have never been altered or reconditioned. The cuffs are very tight and barely look used. If you have any questions or need other pictures email me. - eBay (27 Feb 2010).

This set of cuffs had a high bid of $610 (Plus $11.57 Shipping)

Apr 28, 2010

RARE Ultra Handcuffs combination lock restraint

Here you go. Rare is a relative item in describing many of these items, however, it certainly applies under the most strict definition when you have a one-of-a kind item.

World Exlusive Offering:
Ultra Combination Handcuff King Challenge Manacles

This is truly a one of a kind, it is the only one ever made.

Up for auction is the only example of the famous Ian McColl made Ultra Handcuff. This was given to me personally by Ian several years ago at the very first annual Escape Artists convention. It was made to finally challenge any and all escape artists and handcuff collectors who claimed they could escape any handcuffs!

This challenge handcuff went undefeated and remains undefeated to this day.

It is secured by two combination dials (I have the combination and the winner will get same). The wrists are put in and due to the adjustable center post the locking plate can move to almost any position making escape impossible and movement almost non existant.

I am very sorry to have to let this mega rare item go, but personal reasons say it must find a new home, so after being its caretaker for these years I now give someone the chance to take over.

This is a one of a kind and will definately become a centerpiece in any world class handcuff or houdini collection!!

Best of luck to the winning bidder - eBay (6 April 2010)

This set of cuffs had a high bid of $600 (Plus $9.05 Shipping).

Apr 27, 2010

WW1 British Military Leather Belt with Handcuffs 1917

Here is a very interesting restraint belt:

WW1 British Military Leather Belt with Handcuffs 1917

Very unusual item in a lifetime of collecting military items I have not seen one before

This thick brown leather belt measures 111cm long and is 7.5cm wide and is hand stitched

There are five rectangular cut outs where a steel piece goes through to adjust the waist size

The two steel handcuffs that are attached by large brass rivets on each side are marked ‘HIATT 13’, the key is marked ‘13’

The front cuff is smaller and marked ‘HIATT 29’

Inside the belt is stamped ‘17’ under a military broad arrow, the outside of the leather is stamped ‘H.R.G 18’ and ‘5A22’

All the cuffs are working and leather and cuffs in very good condition - eBay (24 Feb 2010)

This restraint set had a high bid of 535 British Pounds /$821 (Plus 14 Pounds Shipping).

Apr 22, 2010

For Sale: Clarke Combinationn Desk Drawer Lock $850

I received an email noting that the following rare lock is for sale:

Hi, are you interested in a Clarke Patent Combination Keyless Lock, complete, as removed from a small drop-front secretary/desk lid of the 1875-9 era? There are 3 extra pins (2 active and 1 inactive) and the original printed "Directions for using" sheet. The sheet describes the method to be used for changing combinations on both this desk lock and the padlocks shown on your Web site. Surfaces are untouched and are nickel-plated over brass, with no rust or filing, sanding or polishing evident. Any crud shown is as found.. The lock obviously had a lot of uses other than desk lids, such as chests, bureaus, trunks and such, but I've never seen another.

The price is $850 and I think it's fair for what may be a unique item with original documentation. Money order or Paypal accepted. Thank you, and you have a great Website, by the way.

You can contact the seller directly at: djhewett (at)

Note: I am not the seller of this lock. Even better for you, I have no money at the moment to purchase this lock.

Muehlenfeld No 113 Handcuffs

Handcuffs do not normally sell for so much, so this has to tell you that this is a very wanted pair of rare handcuffs.


Nice old German handcuffs made by the Muehlenfeld Comany in Barmen in the late 1800s. They were in use in police departements, and prisons, such as the infamous Zuchthäuser (prisons for dangerous criminal) from the 1870s till 1920s. Harry Houdini escaped from these on his visit to Germany. This Handcuffs come with their original key in a very good working order, strong springs, they open and close with no problems, they have a nice dark brown old patina, no rust or pitting. They are obviously an old pattern, as they are steel with no plating, later models used to have plating.

Happy Bidding and good luck! - eBay (16 April 2010)

This set of cuffs had a high bid of $3,725 (Plus $20 Shipping).

Apr 21, 2010

Menotte handcuffs handschellen très rare serre poignets

Here is a very rare set of circles handcuffs. I would have liked to acquire this set, but unfortunately I underestimated what this was going to sell for. Better luck next time....

Ancienne menotte et rare serre poignets de gendarmerie + - 1850 . Parfait etat et belle patine d'epoque. 105x120mm epp. 18mm - eBay (16 March 2010)
This rare set of French handcuffs had a high bid of 605 Euros $819.05 (Plus $ Shipping).

Apr 20, 2010

EAGLE embossed KING BEE padlock

This is a very nice padlock. Too bad the price is over $1,500 higher than my limit for a piece like this. Really, I could put this lock next to one that I bought for $20 and ask people to guess which one was more expensive and I could pick a lock that they would consistently pick over this one. That is an issue with lock collecting, but it is not always bad given that you can create a nice collection without spending too much.

NICE !!! rare bronze EAGLE LOCK CO. --- KING BEE -- padlock complete with a non original working key.... lock snaps open when unlocked...... there are very FEW of these locks known to exist......... - eBay (8 Feb 2010)

This padlock had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $1,550 (Plus $8.50 Shipping) but failed to attract any bidders.

Apr 19, 2010

Nazi German Gestapo Folding Cuffs

Here is an interesting set of WWII Nazi Gestapo folding handcuffs.

Flohmarktfund, gut erhaltene, vorschriftsmässige Handschellen aus dem 3. Reich, voll funktionsfähig, inkl. Schlüssel. Stelleweise leichter Flugrost. Schöne Stempel.

Billigere Versandart möglich, nur nach Absprache, und auf Risiko des Käufers. - Cheaper postage possible, but only to the risk of the buyer. Please ask before auction ends.
- eBay (21 March 2010)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of 1,330 Euros/$1,800.55 (Plus 14.05 Euros Shipping).

Apr 7, 2010

Another Nice Set of Stotz Handcuffs

Here is another Nice Set of Stotz Handcuffs. This set went for a couple hundred more than the other exaples you can see by clicking here (STOTZ).

I still have yet to get a set for myself, but it is definately on my shopping list!

This is a superb example of a rare and seldom encountered German Pair of Handcuffs Manacles by A. Stotz which date from the late 19th Century. Both cuffs remain extremely nice with all the plating still nicely intact and the maker's name well stamped on one side. Still present, is the original key. Both cuffs as well as the key all remain in perfect working order. - eBay (5 April 2010)

This set of Stotz handcuffs had a high bid of $810 (Plus $8.10 Shipping).