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Jan 28, 2009


There is rare, and then there is rare and expensive. I suspect that this lock got the bids it did partly because it was manufactured by Winchester.

Up for auction is the rarest of all Winchester padlocks. This lock can be found on page 661 of the standard catalog of Winchester and is in excellent working condition with no rust or corrosion and The shackle and dust cover have very strong spring tension. This is the toughest Winchester lock to find and is usually the one lock that everyone needs to complete there Winchester lock collection. It comes with its original key. As is with all of my auctions This lock is gaurenteed to be original and authentic and not reproduction junk. Please check out my other auctions as I am listing many rare Winchester items this week. They are doubles from my collection from trying to upgrade. - eBay

So here is a good example of the cost of finishing that lock collection. Me, I prefer to collect locks that I find appealing. This does not even look vey nice, other than as something to fill the hole in the collection.

This lock sold for $1,010.99 (Plus $7.50 Shipping).

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