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Jan 3, 2009

Very Rare Romer Handcuffs

Here is a nice although well-worn set of Romer Handcuffs. They are rare in that they don't come around very often and as you can see, they go for amounts far and above what other antique handcuffs go for. I can see why, they are a great design and I would love to get a set for my own collection:

Early leg irons. No markings, no key. Some pitting. I believe these are leg irons because of the size of the openings. Approx. 4-1/4"x4" at outside of each ring; approx. 3"x3" at inside. Approx. 5/8" thick. As shown. - eBay

Seems that the person auctioning these had no idea what he had given the vague description. Despite this collectors did find that is was available given the final bid amount.

This set of handcuffs sold for $512 (Plus $13.25 Shipping).

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