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Mar 20, 2009


This is an interesting padlock with a master and slave keyway.

I offering a special Yale & Towne Bicentric padlock with TWO keyholes - Made For OSU - Ohio State Univ. I've also included a photo along with this lock from an original 1913 Yale catalog advertisement of this very lock! Lock works well, whether using one or both keys. One is considered a "Master key", while other is a "Change key". This is an older version with the "Y&T" ( Yale & Towne ) logo on one side, and "Yale" on reverse side. A rare padlock indeed. Would make a very nice addition to anyone's lock collection and/or person interested in odd ball unusual items! - eBay (18 Jan 09)

This padlock sold for $56 (Plus $7.50 shipping).

1 comment:

harriscone said...

I recently acquired a lock identical to this one as well as a possibly older Yale lock, also marked made for O.S.U.. Would you be interested in purchasing either one of these?