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Mar 8, 2009

More Handcuff Auctions

Here are some more recent handcuff auctions:



These very well made American Handcuff Manacles date from the late 19th Century. Both cuffs are marked "PATENT JULY 4-99". Overall measuring 9 5/8 inches across by 3 inches tall. They are in locked position and the key is now long gone. - eBay (20 Feb 09)

This set of Cummings handcuffs sold for $286.97 (Plus $12.20 Shipping).


Antique handcuffs with working key,The only markings are PAT MAY 2 1899, and the #s 59773, 59763 on the inside of the hinges, They open and close very easy and are in very good condition - eBay (18 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $155.25 and a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $195 (Plus $11.45 Shipping) but did not meet the reserve price. It was relisted here with a 'Buy-it-Now' price of 175. (Update: It was sold for $150, plus $10.50 shipping on 7 March.)

Towers Double Lock Vintage Handcuffs Hand Cuffs UPDATE

Tower's Double Lock Handcuffs

Pair of vintage Tower hand cuffs. They are in the locked position with no key. They still retain most of nickel plating and there is some surface rust. They will clean up well with a little polishing. I think they had a center post in keyhole at one time, there is none now. Swivels free. As found.

I opened these with an old key I had, it does not go to these handcuffs. It was a little tricky because the center post in the keyhole is not there to hold key centered. DO NOT put these on yourself or your girlfriend, I would not trust the key. I am not responsible if you get these locked on you or anyone else. - eBay (23 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for $50 (Plus $5 Shipping).

Antique Hiatt Darby handcuffs

These handcuffs are original Hiatt Darby Handcuffs and work excellent. They are not refinished and in the exact condition as when acquired.

The key is with them and they work great. I've never seen any before these and they are the perfect piece to the unique entusiasts collection.. - eBay (24 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs had a starting bid of $50 (Plus $4.95 Shipping) but failed to attract any bids.

Vintage Handcuffs 2 pair One case 1950s or earlier

These were my grandfathers, He was a cop over fifty years ago. There are two pairs of handcuffs. no keys. One of them I wouldn't even know where you would put a key. There is one that comes with a leather case that has belt loops on the back. It is marked Genuine Jay-Pee trade mark product.

One of the pairs of handcuffs is marked the Peerless Handcuff Co. Springfield Ma. pat 2759349 made in usa

The Second Pair is marked Arms Company I think there may be a word before but can't make it out. below that it says Worcester Ma USA I can't make out the pattent number. - eBay (24 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for $67.13 (Plus $6.85 Shipping).

Antique Bean/Cobb Handcuffs Circa 1899

Offering for auction an Antique Pair of Iron Handcuffs. In 1899 Lyman H. Cobb patented a radically different variation of the Bean Handcuff. They retained certain features from the earlier style Bean Handcuffs, most notably the lock retarding feature that allowed the cuff to be carried closed but unlocked(a feature not seen on any handcuff prior to the Bean handcuff). They Became known as the improved Bean's pattern handcuff because they overcame some of the defects of the older style Bean Handcuffs. By 1899 standards they were light weight weighing only 12oz. They were finely finished and could be unlocked from either side of the lock case. The locking mechanism was removable when the cuff was open so that the lock could be repaired easily. However if the cuff was closed the lock could not be removed and the cuff could not open by accident or without the key. Today they are referred to as Bean/Cobb handcuffs.

This is a real nice pair of handcuffs! They are approximately 10" long and in excellent condition! The hinge numbers of this pair are 41561 & 41571. They show some wear via surface blemishes and plating loss but are not corroded, rotted, or broken(as the photos will show). I have unlocked them, cleaned the locking mechanisms and tested thier operation. During testing these cuffs operated as they were designed to, using the original key that I have in my personal collection. There is no key included in this sale. However, reproduction keys are available but it seems to be an Ebay violation to tell you where you can aquire them. If you message me I will explain where you can get reproduction keys to fit this pair of handcuffs. I will ship these cuffs to the buyer in an open and unlocked condition it will be the buyers responsibility to aquire keys prior to closing and locking the cuffs.

This is a great pair of antique handcuffs that would compliment any handcuff collection! - eBay (24 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $185 and sold for a best bid of $155 (Plus $9 Shipping).

Old French Manufactured Handcuffs

See photo. These appear to be fairly old. No key unfortunately. Sold as seen. - eBay (25 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for 13.26 British Pounds ($18.88) (Plus 6 BP Shipping).

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