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Mar 5, 2009


Interesting antique padlock. Is the face design a warning to anyone who might tamper with the lock?

I am selling this for a friend who is a private collector. Up for bid is this very rare 1800's antique skull & bones lock. On the bottom of the lock is a square rectangular hole for the key. It no longer has the key with it but is still a great old collectors piece. Measures 4 1/4 long and 3 1/2 wide. Has some minor surface rust on top arch and slightly around the skulls head. Very intricate folk art floral design front and back. It does have a old cut nail in the center of the flower on the back of lock that shows the age. This came from a old farm house in pa. - eBay

This padlock sold for $202.50 (Plus $11.35 Shipping).

Beware, copies were apparently made of this design and might be floating around. Unfortunately, they are not common enough to be able to easily spot real from fake.


marc said...

are you still selling this pad lock

Andrew Garcia said...

I got one how can i tell if its real?

Christine Gaffney said...

We found one in the ground but it is completely covered in rust and we are trying to clean it how can you tell how old they are?