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Mar 5, 2009

4 3/8 Scandinavian Jailhouse Padlock w/ Key Star Bottom

A Scandinavian padlock and an expensive one at that.

I have another old large brass padlock listed at this time also. This is a large size Scandinavain Jailhouse or Barrel padlock with what appear to be the original key as it works the lock perfectly. It is 4 3/8 in height and 3 inches across. There is a brown finish to the body of the lock, I dont know if this is factory or not but must have been that way for a long time as it looks great, with very light wear to the finish. The shackle is marked Patd JUL 78 & AUG 86. There are no markings on the key. A nice big iron padlock to add to this type of collection. Thanks! - eBay

This padlock sold for $202.50 (Plus $10.60 Shipping).

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