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Mar 27, 2009

Lovell Arms Mfg. Bean Style Handcuffs 1880's

Very nice and apparently rare set of handcuffs.

This is for a old pair of handcuffs made by the Lovell Arms Mfg. Co. for Bean or in the Bean style as they are different than Beans because of the dust cover in the keyhole, Bean cuffs dont have this feature. These have the side lock button to lock the cuffs. They are in very nice condition with no rust or dings, scratches, ect, the nickle finish is very good with light discoloration and would polish out great if so inclined. They just have honest wear and no problems. The key looks not to be the original but works the cuffs great. They are 10 inches long and close down to 1 3/4 by 2 1/4 inch. There are no marks or dates on the cuffs as a lot of these were not marked. Guarenteed original Thanks - eBay (11 March 09)

This interesting set of Lovell Arms handcuffs sold for $393.88 (Plus $8.10 Shipping).

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