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Mar 12, 2009

Fake - "Slavery Handcuffs/ Shackles"

Don't kid yourself. These are fake, fake, fake:

Pair of slavery shackles or cuffs from North Carolina dating to the late 1800'S or early 1900'S. I am not sure on the origin or authenticity of item. I had an email that these cuffs might be reproduction, of course there is nothing to support this. They do look nice and the tin plaques are in good shape. Please look at pictures. This is a great piece of black americana. I accept personal checks which will take 10 business days to clear.

Shipping is $6.00 priority mail within U.S, outside U.S. email me for quote. Insurance would be another $1.70. Good luck and happy bidding. As always email me with any questions.


Of course the sale is final. He disclosed that they might not be what he claims that they are. This way he can say that he didn't know and that the auction was made in good faith, and then if the buyer points out how obviously fake they are, the seller can point out that if that is the case, they they were obviously that fake during the auction as well.

Can't say the actual reason or motivation the seller has for this posting. If I had to gues, I'd say that he was stupid enough to buy them thinking that they were actual slave shackles. Also amusing in this auction is the time period he mentions, "dating to the late 1800'S or early 1900'S." Slavery was already gone by that time, eliminated as a result of the Civil War...

This fake set of handcuffs has an opening bid of $50 (Plus $6 Shipping) but as of posting, with less than a day left in the auction, has yet to attract any bids.

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