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Mar 29, 2009

Antique Miniature Lock QUEEN VICTORIA UK Farthing COINS

This is the second coin padlock that I have run across.


Made from 2 English FARTHINGS. Early head of Queen Victoria. These coins were in use from 1838 to 1864. IRON hook clasp. No Key. Approximately 7/8" in diameter. 5/16" thick. Longest measurement to the top of the hook clasp is about 1". Professionaly made. Possibly by an apprentice. No maker's mark. Some wear to the coins but this is as expected. Although there is no way to tell when the lock was made I can assure the buyer it is very old. Riveted together. Not a modern piece. The Hook Clasp is Iron and has "good" signs of age and patina. - eBay (12 Mar 09)

This interesting coin padlock sold for $39 (Plus $6 Shipping).

1 comment:

devinezqui said...

Gorgeous.... I wish I was around... I would have sold my shirt for this one...
If you ever come by one let me know