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Mar 10, 2009

1934 H&R Arms Super Handcuffs

This is a interesting set of handcuffs. Too bad the chain is broken and that there is a second lock that needs to be removed as well. Anyway, I was planning to bid on it, up until the last minute.

Handcuffs marked H&R Arms Company, Worcester Mass pat 1984677 ... made in USA ... with key .

These were made by Harrington and Richardson Arms Company, the maker of firearms - revolvers, pistols, shotguns, rifles - and the patent was issued in 1934

These work fine, and include the key. The key inserts vertically into the cuff, see the photo.

There are two padlocks attached. The small lock re-connects the chain where it was once separated. The large lock is used to shorten the connection and may be cut off (by the winner).

The cuffs show their age, there is wear and freckling on the plating. - eBay

Despite the damage, this set of handcuffs sold for $68.09 (Plus $10.50 shipping).

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Anonymous said...

I have a set of handcuffs that I wish I could find a key for. They are marked H&R Arms, Worchester, Mass. and the patent number is 1,984,677. Could you help me out?