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Mar 4, 2009

Lightning Strikes - Bean Giant & Romer Handcuff Replicas Sold

In comes the following newsletter to email mailboxes this last Friday from the great website Cannon's Great Escapes:

ONE ONLY: Discontinued McColl Bean Giant, Spanish Execution Manacle & Romer Available!Ian McColl discontinued his Bean Giant Handcuff and Romer Handcuff in 2008 and does not plan to bring them back into production.He has just released his VERY LAST of each for them for us to offer for sale. There is ONLY ONE LEFT OF EACH OF THEM, so if you've been kicking yourself that you didn't get one when they were available, here is your LAST chance. They are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis. If the cuff is no longer available, we will refund your payment. Just click on a picture below to purchase that cuff.

I was not quick enough to get the Bean Giant replica which I have been searching for. (Replica or original) So I will keep searching. So, if you have a Bean Giant, either original or McColl replica, or Romers that you would like to see in the hands of another collector who will treasure them, then feel free to contact me as I am buying.

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