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Mar 7, 2009

The New Century - HorseShoe Shaped Padlocks

It is a horseshoe padlock, and at the same time it is not since it states "The New Century" and not 'Good Luck' like the other horseshoe locks.

This Vintage Lock stamped New Century horse shoe shaped O6 is in Good Vintage Condition. - eBay (10 Feb 09)

This padlock sold for $31 (Plus $4 Shipping).

And there was a second padlock offered for sale soon after:

Brass "The New Century" Horseshoe shaped lock

This beautiful little antique brass lock is, I believe, an earlier bicycle lock. No key (sorry!) and only visible damage is the little round part at the top of the key slot is split - so you could still get a key in, if you had one, and the piece swivels as it should, but I wanted you to know.

Great condition otherwise, and should polish wonderfully should you desire to do so - it is in "as found" vintage condition. Sold with NO RESERVE. - eBay

This padlock sold for $34.88 (Plus $2.99 Shipping).

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