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May 16, 2009

More Leg Iron Auctions

Here are some recent auctions for Leg Irons.


Vintage Handcuffs Leg Irons Handcuff Towers 1800's Nice

This is a very nive set of Heavy Duty Leg Irons, They have some dates marked on them like " July 17 88" or something, kind of hard to read, no other markings but I believe them to be towers from there design. The chain is in excellent shape, the cuffs themselves are in great condition (only some minor wear). I DO NOT HAVE A KEY! The Plating is in 90 to 95% atleast! Thank You For Your Viewing and Know that these would be a great addition to your collection!

Question & Answer

Q: Hello, I was looking at these leg irons you have for sale and had a question. In the last picture (#6) in the close up view, is there some type of crack or something in the metal? Thank you

A: It looks like the seam where the two pieces come together, it has a seam like that on all the sides. Two of them just look like a line, and the other two seams have a little plating chipping in that area. I showed I believe the worst chipped side. The discoloration really stands out in the picture ( probably more than if you were actually holding them ). Thanks for your concern and question. - eBay (7 April 09)

This set of leg irons sold for $275 (Plus $10 Shipping).

Old Vintage Handcuffs~Leg Irons~Shackle~Heavy Mental

Just picked up at an astate sale... Neet old vintage Leg Irons~Shackle~Handcuffs. These are very heavy and would look very cool on someones den wall or office wall or anyother room with a cowboy look. I don't have the keys for them. The lady at the astate sale said it was her Grandads, and he had something to do with the chainganes in the South.... There is no writing or numbers on the irons... Shipping for this item is $10.00... - eBay (14 April 09)

This set of leg irons sold for $140.27 (Plus $10 Shipping).

Bean Cobb Leg Irons not handcuffs

Up for auction is this VERY nice set of Bean Cobb Leg Irons. NOTE: the has on the one cuff has been broken off. However, this set will make for a nice display or parts which are almost impossible to find. Serial number inside the hinges are "1869 and 1879".

The locks are unmarked and work perfectly and will come in the open position. The nickel plating is original and will clean up nicely if desired.

NOTE: I am offering these leg irons as is without a key. - eBay (19 April 09)

This set of leg irons sold for $91 (Plus $6 Shipping). Not bad for a set that is confirmed as broken.

Vintage Leg Irons HARVARD LOCK CO Still in box 2 Keys

These old leg irons are still in the original box. The box is marked Harvard Lock Company, Reading , PA, USA. The leg irons are marked Harvard Lock Company, New York. They are still in great shape , with just a little light rust that wiping down with oil should take care of. I don't think they have ever been used since the 2nd key is still attached to the chain with a metal ring. You wouldn't have wanted the prisoner to have access to it. When fully expanded, the cuff measured 5 1/2 inches across. The chain is about 15 inches long . I was not able to remove the key, it probably needs a little oil in the keyhole. It does turn ok and the lock opens. The box lid has a tear on the left side and the front seam on the box has about a 2 inch section where it has seperated. - eBay (19 April 09)

This set of leg irons sold for $36 (Plus $5.50 Shipping).

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