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May 5, 2009

"MIRROR HANDCUFFs Made By Chris Gower"

A nice set of mirror handcuffs. They differ from other mirror cuffs in that they used a regular key for this set:


I really don't have much information on these.

The person I'd purchased these from (several years ago) told me they were made my Chris Gower.

Cuffs measure approx. 5"x4 1/2" and weigh 3 pounds.

Comes with two keys.

The red dot is from my digital camera.- eBay (13 Apr 09)
This set of mirror cuffs had an opening bid of $350 (Plus $7 shipping) but failed to attract any bids.

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Anonymous said...

Harry Houdini escaped these. From what ive read, there are only one of these because it took a blacksmith named nathaniel hart seven years to make and these were specialy made for houdini.