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May 2, 2009

Battlestar Galactica "Cylon Handcuffs"

Here is a set of prop handcuffs used on the show Battlestar Galactica:

Production Description: Handcuffs similar to those worn by Sharon in ''Home Part 2.'' This set is not identified as belonging to any particular Cylon.

Technical Description: Production-made Cylon handcuffs on a steel bar. Handcuffs do not require key to open. Cuffs made of metal and are extremely weathered. Item measures about 10'' x 5'' long.

Please note that everything we sell is a movie prop or costume and thus is distressed, worn and generally NOT BRAND NEW. We do not describe every dent, scratch and rip because these are movie props and that is the way they come. Please understand that nothing we sell will arrive in mint condition and may have defects that are not listed. - eBay (19 April 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for $202 (Plus $20 Shipping).

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