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May 4, 2009


I have not gotten too much into collecting Darby style handcuffs to this point, but I have appreciated this 'strapback' version for a while:

Description: You are bidding for a stunning pair of World War 2 military handcuffs.

These sturdy handcuffs are made in the backstrap Derby style. They were built to restrain the strongest and hardest men in wartime and will have seen plenty of action.

The handcuffs are marked with serial number 1452, as are the matching keys.

They are marked RCS 1941, being manufactured by Ruben, Craddock & sons for wartime use.

They are marked with an arrow which shows that they were military. They are also marked with the number 13.

This is a dramatic pair of handcuffs that would certainly compliment any collection or display.

Size: (inches) 9.5" length.

Condition: We have checked this item and it is our opinion that it is in a good general condition. Checked: (hb24/04/09) - eBay (2 May 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for 70.90 British Pounds/US$105.33 (Plus 9.99 Pounds Shipping).

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