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May 3, 2009

Houdini Famous Spanish Torture Manacle Handcuffs

A replica, but a nice one nonetheless:

Spanish Torture Manacle Handcuffs
As seen in Houdini book-handcuff secrets
*a secret built in escape design

Up for auction is an almost exact reproduction of the Spanish Torture Manacles as seen in the Book Handcuff Secrets by Harry Houdini.

These were crafted by the World's leading maker of reproduction handcuffs and original escape apparatus, Ian McColl of Australia several years ago.

These are great for escape. They can be examined minutely, THERE IS NOTHING TO FIND! and when locked on your wrists escape is made very easily visually or, invisible.

Historians do not know for sure if this is Houdini's original escape idea or not but, its great!

They are in excellent cond, everything works perfectly
They do come with a key - eBay (22 April 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for $147.50 (Plus $9.95 Shipping).

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