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Apr 20, 2009

Very Rare - Elias Richard Handcuffs

There are a couple types of handcuffs that seem to only come up for auction about once a year. Here is one of those times:

Extremely rare Elias Richards handcuff. The first known handcuff to be produced in the United States. For history buffs, the Elias Richards handcuff was said to have been used on John Brown in 1859 on his way to his execution. These cuffs are in wonderful working condition. There is light rust on them that makes them look their age. There is an ever so slight twist in the key. On each of the bows on the hinge side is ER 161. No reserve. - eBay (11 April 09)

This set of rare handcuffs sold for $6,101 (Plus $5.70 Shipping). That might be a high price for a handcuff auction for this year on eBay, barring any surprise listings. At any rate, it will be one of the highest for the year.

Here are a couple of photos the buyer, The Lars Holst Restraint Collection, sent to me for sharing. they are in great shape, considering how old they are:

Thanks much to Lars for the photos!

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