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Apr 16, 2009

Hiatts England 2010C Closed Heavy Handcuffs

The metal insert in the swing-through part of the cuff is very interesting.

Hiatt Factory Custom Closed 2010C Handcuffs
Nickel Plated

Hiatts is a name known and respected by patrol officers around the world. These cuffs are made by Hiatts of England, but they are not for patrol officers. These are Hiatts answer to requests for a heavy duty version of their famous arrest handcuffs. These have all the great features of the model 2010 handcuffs with additional steel riveted in place blocking the swing through bow. These would be inconvenient for a police officer making an arrest since they would have to be opened with a key prior to application. The best use for these would be in situations where security is more important than convenience. The closed bow prevents prying them open. Many police departments have removed the seatbelts from their cruisers following incidents where the metal buckle was used to pry the bow apart on standard cuffs.

Exceeding all published test standards, the Hiatts standard steel handcuffs possess many unique features: 19 locking positions, standard double locking mechanism, Three independently floating ratchet bars, heavy-duty rivets, reinforced steel swivels, each set serial numbered, two standard keys provided.

Special note to collectors. Hiatts of England has stopped operations. Hiatt USA, a subsidiary of Armor Holdings, is currently setting up their new factory, and Hiatt products are in very short supply. Items like this that are marked "Made in England" are instant collectables. Bid early and often to get this unusual example of an "end of an era" restraint. Chances are good that this will not be a product made in the new factory and there will certainly never be any more marked as English made.

This restraint set is exactly the same setup that hospitals, jails and prisons use for dealing with difficult subjects. So whether you need a set of solid restraints for your line of duty activities or are interested in an authentic item for your restraint collection, these are quite the item. No theatrical dungeon recreation would be complete without a full set of steel restraints.

These are new from the factory and have not been used. We are not suggesting any particular use. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of this item. Manufacturer warranty applies, eRestraint does not offer any guarantee for suitability for any particular purpose. - eBay (11 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs went for $64 (Plus $9 Shipping).

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