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Apr 12, 2009

Antique Miniature Brass Yale Y&T Padlock

A very nice miniature padlock:

For auction is a very tiny YALE Y&T padlock. This miniature is the smallest size ever made by Yale, and rarely comes up for sale. As you can see in my picture a quarter nearly covers the entire lock. It is in excellent condition with much of it's original factory finish remaining. The shackle has YALE & TOWNE MFG CO stamped into one side and STAMFORD CONN. USA on the other. The only fault I can find with the lock is the small casting flaw which obscures the "Y" in yale. The two keys are made of stamped steel and have rust. The one key will clean up nicely with a wire wheel, however I do not know how the other will turn out. It may have some pitting. Both keys unlock the padlock easily and the shackle pops open.

The tiny lock stands only 1.059 inch from base of body to very top of shackle, and measures .811 inch across and is .345 inch thick. The two original keys each measure .915 inch long. All measurements taken with a dial caliper. - eBay (16 March 09)

This miniature padlock sold for $99.95 (Plus $7.75 shipping).

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