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Apr 24, 2009

Custom - Handcuffs - Ergonomic Dungeon Irons - Steel Restraints

Here are some custom-made restraints:

I designed and constructed this set of handcuffs to be used for movie/photo props, although they are quite real and functional. All steel construction. The cuffs are set at an angle for a more comfortable fit. (Put your hands on the desk in front of you - notice that they naturally rest at an angle - not straight out and parallel). Thanks to planar linkage movement both sides open and close simultaneously. The interior diameter of each cuff when closed is about 2 1/2". The overall length is 11" with a weight of over 3 1/2 pounds. Cuff is held in the closed position by use of a single padlock (pictured and included) The Master brand lock comes with one key. The finish is gun metal blue with a coat of wax added to help prevent oxidation. Thanks! - eBay (6 April 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for $125 (Plus $10.95 Shipping).


Ergonomics Warehouse said...

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Thanks for Sharing with us..

Alex Rangel said...

Are you still making custom cuffs?