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Apr 19, 2009


Very nice. Surely rare.

- 1904 WORLD'S FAIR PADLOCK, EAGLE LOCK CO. - Here is a neat Old Padlock from the Eagle Lock Co. advertising the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. These were given out at the fair as promotional items. This one was rescued from a crawlspace so there is no key, found it in the floor dirt. It was cleaned up but I didn't spent alot of time doing it. It is a bigger lock, measures about 2 1/2" across the face. - eBay (15 March 09)

This padlock sold for $305 (Plus $5.20 shipping).


daveyrfave1 said...

I happen to own one of these just like this one, however mine wasn't found in the dirt and is in excellent shape. No key here either.

Wilma Pennings said...

Hey, I have this padlock! No key, but in great shape. Bought a desk at auction, and this was on the drawer handle.

james hearn said...

I have one that my wife and I inherited. It looks like it was purchased yesterday and the original two keys are with it as well....