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Apr 1, 2009


It seems that recent auctions for these locks indicate an increase in buyer interest as the prices seem a little high:


Here is an antique Mail Pouch padlock that is in the shape of an old-fashioned mail pouch. It is 3 1/4" x 1 7/8". It is impressed "Mail Pouch" on the front side. Along the top it is marked "Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co., New Britain, Conn. U.S.A. On the backside there is a company log, and along the top it is marked with a number of patent dates that are hard to read, but the latest dates looks like 1899. There is a number 3 on the backside, also. There isn't any key, and there is some metal deterioration. Thank you for bidding. - eBay (11 March 09)

This padlock sold for $157.29 (Plus $5 Shipping).

Antique Mail Pouch Lock Padlock Russell & Erwin 1899 98

Up for your consideration for 5 Days Only is the Rare Russell & Erwin Mail Pouch Lock .I believe there may be paint on this, it is untouched and uncleaned, I believe some 000 steel wool and it will clean up nice.The date looks like 1898 or 1899.The shackle appears to be brass and the rest steel.I'm not sure if this was made in this shape for the Mail Pouch Tobacco company ? If it doesn't sell, I will clean it with some oil and 000 steel wool .The shackle has movement, I have No key.The first closest offer will own it. - eBay (16 March 09)

This padlock has a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $155.50 (Plus $5.60 Shipping) and sold with a 'Best Offer' of $81.50.

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