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Jul 10, 2009


Here is a different (earlier?) version of the Registered U.S. MAIL Padlock:

A solid brass Sargent & Greenleaf US Mail counting lock. This lock was NOT made by the Government. Note the individual windows for each number and the peaned-over top or the case. There are no screws in this lock. It can not be reset. The lock is mechanically perfect and is supplied with an operating key. The lock is in excellent condition and has no major damage. It has a pin tumbler mechanism. SIZE: 1.75"w x 2.75"h x 1.25"d 9.6oz. - eBay (1 June 09)

This padlock had a high bid of $162.49 (Plus $5 Shipping).

1 comment:

thedragonsmith said...

I have had so many of these. I just got the newer version in today. From my understanding, they all operate using the same key. I have a friend, who has a video on youtube, who made a working key for his. Could me paranoid, but it seems rediculous to use KA padlocks all over tbe USA. Guess thats why the put a counter in it; for acCountability :-)