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Jul 16, 2009


Here is a neat seal padlock:

A RARE, SOLID BRONZE, AMERICAN SEAL LOCK FROM 1870. This lock is the first and best quality lock in the American Seal lock series. The lock is mechanically perfect and is supplied with an "XX" keyed-alike series operating key. This key will open all "XX" locks. The lock was designed to take a glass seal. A copy of the JOURNAL OF LOCK with an article on the Amrerical Seal Lock Co. will be included so the winner can fully appreciate the mechanism and history behind this lock. These locks are not showing up any more. The lock is in excellent condition with a good patina and the expected minor scratches and dents from years of use. The stamping on the rear is beautiful and undamaged. It is about as nice as you will find. There is no major damage to the lock. SIZE: 2.75"w x 4.00"h x 1.0"d. 1lb 2.2oz - eBay (29 June 09)

This padlock had a high bid of $1,025 (Plus $7 Shipping).

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