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Jul 22, 2009

Hiatt 19th Century Female Handcuffs

These look like a miniature set of handcuffs.

A Pair of very old solid HIATT antique handcuffs . Stamped Hiatt 1 on sides and stamped 511 HIATT on key ends.Made of wrought iron and they came to light from an elderly relation who had them from her parents. Guessing at date of turn of the century as not an expert although have seen some Victorian Cuffs on Ebay which had similar design although must more modern in appearance.These are stamped British Made warranted wrought [I presume iron/steel]

They are small and measure 2 1/2 " across They Fit a woman or Child but not a Mans wrist.Not sure if Hiatt 1 signifies the smallest size.They unlock with the key turned in a clockwise direction.The key can be removed when in locked position.They are in very good condition and keys and locks on both cuffs are in full working order . - eBay (5 July 09)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of 335.67 British Pounds / $543.90 (Plus 3.95 Pounds Shipping).

1 comment:

Joseph Lauher said...

These are nice cuffs, but they were not made in the 19th century. The key marking is the "British Made" mark. This was not used until the post WWI period.