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Jul 28, 2009

Manila thumbcuffs

Here is a rare set of thumbcuffs

scarse mint condition set of MANILLA thumcuffs complete with TWO ORIGINAL keys.......... PLEASE CLICK ON SEE SELLERS OTHER ITEMS AT TOP RIGHT TO SEE THE OTHER SIMILIAR ITEMS THAT I HAVE ON EBAY.......... - eBay (6 July 09)

This set of thumbcuffs had a high bid of $126.67 (Plus $7.50 Shipping) but failed to meet the reserve price.

Here is a photo I found in the Handcuffs.Org forum (here) of some more Manila hand and thumbcuffs

The handcuffs look interesting but it is the thumbcuffs that are really neat!



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Anonymous said...

I have one of those thumbcuffs. Not so easy to use. Once I used them on a friend's toes, they jammed. Took me awhile to unlock them.