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Feb 22, 2009

Van Dorn Prison Jail Lock & Spike Key

I think jail locks are interesting, if you can incorporate them into the house somehow....

The zinc diecast case couldn't survive the forces of slamming and pressure on the door and usually disintegrated. Very few of these locks survived, very easy to crack, so was discontinued after a short production run. These ladies were sensitive! Generally covered in primer and paint, gray or black, but as you can see, I wired wheeled it to it's original off the production line look. Since it's cast iron, it does not rust. Been sitting in my collection on a book shelf for years. It can easily be primed and painted. If it is painted (by the new owner), black with gold paint detailing the lettering would look really sharp!

Now all the dirty little details. No surprises...There were 2 "tiny" holes drilled into the lock into the solid body by 2 (of the 4)bolt holes . They do not penetrate the inside of the lock. Why they were drilled I don't know1. This is a 4 lever lock. When I purchased this lock, a key did not come with it. I spent a small fortune buying spike keys and finally found one that would accomindate 2 of the 4 levers. The other 2 levers had to be grinded down a tad bit to fit the key. In the "un-locked" position, they pretty well act as spacers, but in the "locked" position, they function as they should, 4 levers holding the bolt shut solid, not comprimising security. The levers function how they are suppose to, not a security issue. I would of liked to find spare levers for the old girl, but forgetaboutit...never found any for this lock....

Inside the lock on the back plate it reads "12-403-1 SUPER CAST". (See last picture)

Folks, I cannot express the rarity of this old girl. I would put it in the same catagory of a Pauly w/barrel key. It will be a nice addition for you lock hounds! - eBay

This jail lock sold for $195.49 (Plus $12 Shipping).

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