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Feb 4, 2009


Here is a set of handcuffs that apparently never made it to market.

Here we have a SUPER RARE set of HENRY REPEATING ARMS stainless handcuffs model HC100SR

These cuffs were made in very small amounts before the project was scaped. Henry Arms decided against the sell of these cuffs, some made there way out to Stan Willis (World record holder, largest handcuff collection) the rest were destroyed and very few sat on a shelf deep in the warehouse of Henry Arms. You can not buy these anywhere

I aquired these through correspondence with the late Mr. Imperato, former owner of Henry Repeating Arms before this sudden death.

As a law enforcement officer and a handcuff collector he was ever so nice to send me two pairs one to use and one to save.

I have had these in my collection for several years, they are new in the box with all original paper work.

These cuffs are rare, collectable and would make a great addition to any handcuff or firearm collection.

I am only selling this pair cause I have came into some bad times financially. I will also be selling some Winchester , Colt , Peerless , Jay-Pee , And some American Munitions stuff as well so watch my other auctions.

Due to the rarity of these cuffs, and the very little information there is out there on them I have added a reserve. - eBay

This interesting set of handcuffs sold for $208.49 (Plus $6.50 Shipping).

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