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Feb 28, 2009

Parker Holborn - Antique HIATT Handcuffs

Nice to see a real set of these handcuffs, with eBay swamped with fakes.

William IV / Early Victorian iron police handcuffs, circa 1840


With original key/ cuffs and key marked 8

In excellent working condition, good un polished dark surface, the key is a little pitted but still good.

Full size cuffs with strong locks and tight hinges.

Parker /Parker Field perhaps retailers of Hyatt made cuffs. - eBay (21 Feb 09)

This set of handcuffs sold for 181.51 British Pounds ($259.99) (Plus 15.50 British Pounds Shipping).


Joseph Lauher said...

I was lucky enough to buy these cuffs. They just arrived in the mail. It turns out they are unusually large in size. At a full 2 3/4" (70 mm) across they are quite large when compared to other Darbies in my collection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment and thanks much for the additional details!