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Feb 21, 2009


This is a neat lock not only because the brass is still shiny, but also because of the dimensions. For some reason the thickness of this lock makes it look that much more secure.

This Lovely little brass lock and key is made by A. E. DEITZ and is marked with his name. Assuming this to be A.E. Deitz of Brooklyn, New York, Alonzo E. Deitz worked at 73 Clymer Street from 1867-1912. The key does work and the lock does lock and unlock. It has been on one of my Dietz lanterns for quite some time.......similar name but spelled differently. - eBay

This lock sold for $55.50 (Plus $4.95 Shipping).


Anonymous said...

Love this lock, are there any in circulation?

Him said...

I have an identical lock. Mine has more of a patina on it. I just now read the inscription on the hasp, which is very similar to yours, except the numbers after the stamped name are 1239A. The key is less fancy and mine is perhaps slightly larger. I really love this little lock because of how old it is and how tightly the key still fits the lock and how the hasp springs open as if it were new. They really knew how to make them back in the day. I did find an Instagram post recently of someone in England who had found an identical lock while metal detecting along a river. That one was not in as good a condition, but you could tell it was made from the same material and was the same shape.