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Dec 31, 2008

Rankin Delestatius 1861 Civil War Leg Irons (Handcuffs)

Here is another nice rare pair of Rankin Delestatius Handcuffs:

Up for auction is this VERY desirable pair of RANKIN (aka DELESTATIUS) Leg-Irons patented in 1861. Although somewhat hard to read, each cuff is stamped/marked Rankin.

The leg irons are in very nice condition, have a smooth brown patina and come with a very well made working key. The leg irons measure approximately 22 inches in length. The inside diameter of the cuffs, measure approximately 3 and 3/8 inch. They are in original condition and have not been cleaned or altered.

NOTE: the keyway (key hole) has the original spring loaded sleeve which protects the threaded screw and prevents someone from attempting to pick the lock. This sleeve is not commonly found intact and working.

This is a unique opportunity for someone to acquire this highly desirable set of Leg-irons, which have become extremely scarce to find! - eBay

This item was listed with a 'But-it-Now' price of $1,800 (Plus $10 Shipping) but failed to sell. Interestingly enough, it did not attract any 'Best Offers' either.

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RestraintsBlog said...

This set was re-posted with a $1,200 'Buy-it-Now' price but failed to sell again.
(Item 140292304072)